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Professional Development, Coaching & Consulting

on all things PLAY!

We work with schools and families to value and prioritize play, while still meeting and exceeding academic expectations. We can build the foundations for true learning through purposeful, guided play and pause to see the amazing benefits of allowing time for free play. 

Engaged, curious and hands-on learners build knowledge that lasts!


Children learn best through play.
But it's not always easy to balance the academic pressure with best practices. Through in-person, one-on-one coaching and group trainings, we work with you to implement more play-based strategies to reach your academic and social goals.


Professional Development

Family at the Table


You are your child's best teacher!

Your interactions with your child shape their world and their learning. You can help them learn academic and social skills at home through purposeful and intentional play.

Resources are password protected & available after attending a training 

A few of the teachers told me that you were the best trainer that they've ever had!  And these were teachers who have been in the field for many years.  I wanted to pass that info on to you, and to thank you again for such great information that they can put to use right away.

Laura C, Preschool Director

Austin TX

Have fun learning through PLAY!

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