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Coaching & Consulting

Just like our little learners, each teacher brings unique perspectives and experiences to their classrooms. One-on-one coaching offers the opportunity to meet each teacher on their own journey and provide them with the resources and support they need. No two coaching sessions are alike! 

The Coaching Cycle

Post Conference

Pre Conference

to meet, set goals and learn more about the coaching process

reflect, share resources and strategies, set new goals

Classroom Visit 

work together to  provide more opportunity for play

Classroom Visit 

see classroom in action!

Realtionships are the key to an effective coaching cycle. We take the time to get to know teachers as individuals; their goals, successes and challenges. We provide curated resources and effective teaching strategies that can be easily implemented. 

Teacher coaching can be for a few classrooms or across all classrooms.


We also enjoy working with school leadership on broader school goals or with parents in your school community to share the values and benefits of play-based learning. 

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