Ashley Brooks

Hi! I’m Ashley Brooks, an early childhood educator, mom and an advocate for play based education. I am an active member of the International Play Association and NAEYC. I received a Master’s of Arts in Teaching in Early Childhood Education in 2007, became National Board Certified in Early Childhood in 2009 and have 12+ years experience in Pre-K to 4th grade public school. 


My goal is to help schools and families balance the importance of play based learning with the world of standards and expectations in which we live. Let’s work together to do what is proven as best practices for your kids and students.

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Marissa Nall


Hello! My name is Marissa Nall and I have been an educator for seven years. I love watching kiddos grow, learn, and have fun while engaging in play! I have taught 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade. Ashley was my mentor when I started teaching- I can tell you that I have definitely learned from the best. I am certified in many reading and phonics programs, developed a wide variety of curriculum for school districts, and helped create social emotional programs still used in districts today. I believe learning should be a pleasure, not a chore!

Melissa Ibarra

Content Expert


Melissa is a PhD student at the University of Texas in Bilingual Education & Curriculum and Instruction. She has over 15 years of experience as a teacher and mentor in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms across the country. Her personal background as a Mexican-American and child of immigrants, in combination with her professional experiences, drive her commitment to addressing inequities in public education. 

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We're looking to hire content experts for STEM and a variety of cultural celebrations. 
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Emily Smith

Content Expert


Emily has worked in primary/secondary education for 18 years, nine years here in Austin. She is skilled in coaching, restorative practices and diversity training. She works with the Austin Justice Coalition to bring social justice to Austin area schools. She received a Master of Arts - MA focused in Curriculum and Instruction from Biola University.

Audrey Bixler

Science Content Expert


Audrey has spent her career working to preserve our natural world for the next generation. Currently working with Arva Intelligence, Audrey analyzes and advises on water and energy efficiency. Her experience includes the US Army, California Air & Resource Board and as well as the Energy & Biosciences Institute.