Science, Technology, Engineering & Math 

This program will focus on Engineering & Math while children build, experiment and explore materials to solve given problems. Students will work in groups and use critical thinking skills as they find solutions that are challenging and fun!

Asian mom helping her kid building blocks

Science Objectives 

  • Explore various new materials through building

  • Identify and compare basic characteristics of new objects including durability, stability and strength

  • Make and test hypotheses 

Math Objectives 

  • Sort objects by measurable attributes, such as length and weight

  • Collect, organize and apply data to solve problems

Social & Emotional Objectives 

This program focuses on communication, interpersonal skills, problem solving and resilience. 

We incorporate SEL into each program and will tailor them to your specific needs

Kid playing bricks

Our curriculum is based on the Texas Education Agency's Pre-K standards for instruction & Kindergarten TEKS.

Use the buttons to visit the TEA website for the full guidelines.

Our activities are

TEKS aligned

designed & taught
by certified teachers

play based

interactive & hands on