Group Tutoring 

Learn Kindergarten readiness skills in an interactive, play based small group setting in our covered, outdoor space in Northwest Hills. With a maximum of six kids, students will engage in games and activities that teach academic, social and emotional skills.

Learn in a fun, engaging and safe environment!


We are currently only offering custom tutoring sessions.
We'd love to learn with you! 

Make your own group & time 

or request a private tutor

Tutoring in a group provides students with a more engaging, age appropriate way to learn academic and social skills. 
All Pre-K tutoring sessions are one hour long and include reading, math and social skills.


Academic Goals

Build confidence and reading readiness through phonics, phonemic awareness, phoneme segmentation and blending, listening comprehension and sight word fluency.

Grow a solid foundation of basic math skills including building number sense, sorting, patterning, shapes, positional words and more math basics.

Social & Emotional Skills

All our tutoring groups integrate Social and Emotional Skills into each lesson, including self regulation skills, relationships with others and social awareness skills. 

Family Time

We base our curriculum on the Texas Education Agency's Pre-K standards for instruction.

Visit the TEA website for the full guidelines.

Our activities

teach kindergarten readiness skills

designed by teachers

play based

interactive & hands on