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Cultural Celebrations

Teaching children about celebrations in a variety of cultures promotes a deeper understanding of diversity, and fosters respect and open mindedness for all people.


Hispanic Heritage Month 

September 15 - October 15, 2022

Celebrate the contributions, culture and history of American Latino Community.


November 12th, 2022

India (Hindu) - Festival of Lights

Lunar New Year

January 22, 2023

China - celebrate the arrival of spring and the new year on the Lunar Calendar


March 22- April 21, 2023

Muslim Holy Month

Ninth month of the

Islamic Calendar

2022-2023 Programs
Currently Booking Individual Programs and Cultural Program Series

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To acknowledge and welcome diversity to understand and respect the world in which we live

To explore materials that reflect children's culture and background, including art, clothes, music and food

To recognize and respect cultural differences

To identify similarities with themselves and people from other cultures

Pre-K Standards & Kindergarten TEKS

  • Social Studies: Child identifies similarities and differences between people including religion, music, clothing and food - SS K.11 (A & B)

  • Social studies: Compare family customs and traditions SS K.12 (B)

  • Fine Arts: The student develops global awareness and respect for the traditions and contributions of diverse cultures FINE ARTS K.3 (A & B)

  • Fine Arts: Child demonstrates interest in and shows appreciation for the creative work of others. FINE ARTS PK A.3

  • FIne Arts: Child participates in classroom music activities including singing, playing musical instruments, and moving to rhythms MUSIC K.3

  • Social & Emotional Child demonstrates an understanding that others have perspectives and feelings that are different from her own S&E PK D.1

Our curriculum is based on the Texas Education Agency's Pre-K standards for instruction & Kindergarten TEKS.

Use the buttons to visit the TEA website for the full guidelines.

Our activities are

TEKS aligned

designed & taught
by certified teachers

play based

interactive & hands on

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