Central Texas Science 

Let's explore the plants on your campus! This unique nature lesson is specific to Austin's trees and plants. Compare the life cycle of a
Live Oak Tree & the evergreen Ashe Juniper, match the leaves to the trees and learn how to take care of our natural world!

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Kids in the Garden

Science Objectives 

  • Identify, observe, investigate and describe Austin’s trees and plants.

  • Describe the life cycle of a Texas bluebonnet or a Live Oak Tree.

  • Understand the importance of caring for the nature in our own backyard.

Math Objectives 

  • Sort and compare by characteristics.

  • Collect and organize data in a graphic representation.

  • Recognize and create patterns.

Social & Emotional Objectives 

We incorporate SEL into each program and will tailor them to your specific needs

Kids in Vegetable Farm

Our curriculum is based on the Texas Education Agency's Pre-K standards for instruction & Kindergarten TEKS.

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Our activities are

TEKS aligned

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